Friday, 15 February 2013

Common methods to sponsor Products on Social Media

These are some of the most common ways you should use to promote products Article Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Niche Site & Blogs.

If you are just a starting and don’t have that much big budget invest on ads or if you love writing articles, it can be a good way to start promoting products without spending too much of money. Your main investment in article marketing will be your time and creativity. Article marketing is the technique of writing articles that to be post all over.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) includes FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, YouTube etc. In the past few years Social media marketing has become a way to advertise and drive a good traffic. The main profit is that tapping out the visitors from traffic for the company ranking that's the power of social media. The difficulty of social media are how to get your voice heard above the millions of other people out there, and how to avoid being seen as a social media “spam.” The key is that being successful promoting products in the social media space is to provide content that’s worthwhile enough for people to actually want to follow you and take your advice when you recommend products.

Search engine marketing has two main techniques one is search engine optimization (SEO) and other is pay per click advertising (PPC). Each has very different challenges and benefits. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of trying to get your website, blog, or other pages such as an article ranked highly in search for a particular keyword or phrase. The main goal is to keep free traffic to your website or promotion when someone searches on that keyword. SEO can generate an extremely good return for you, but often requires a significant investment of up-front time to learn good SEO techniques and apply these to your work. However, the long-term benefits of creating content that ranks well in search engines can be extraordinarily profitable.

Like article marketing create niche sites or blogs that is another option. If you want to create your own website, there will be costs for a domain name and hosting, but these are typically pretty small. There are also many options to get your own site or blog that is hosted for free, though you may be more limited on options like the look and feel of the site or how many pages your site can have. Once you have identified in the niche market that you want to promote, you create your own website or blog that is dedicated to this topic. You then write some articles for your own site. The goal is to get good traffic for your website, either by getting linked to other sites or by ranking well organically in search engines on particular search. You can then have Links to a number of different Click Bank products in that niche, giving you the opportunity to promote many different products from a single source. 

Create your own site is especially beneficial for ranking in search engines, as the more articles and content you create, the higher search engines will rank your site. Like article marketing, this technique can take time before you start seeing results, so it’s not something you should expect to show immediate returns, but it can be one of the best ways to create sustainable long-term profits with a minimum of money spent. You can even combine this technique with article marketing or social media marketing, by linking to your site from the bio of your article or social media profile.

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