Friday, 14 December 2012

Features of PHP : Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP means personal Home page. After 5.0 it was named as Preprocessor hypertext.
there are 2 sides of scripting language one is client side scripting language and other scripting side is server scripting side language client side includes JAVA,VB script and server side script language includes PHP,ASP,JSP
PHP is a server side scripting language. It is a combination of C and pearl.PHP supports OOPS language after 5.o.PHP is developed in 1995 by Rasmus Lardoff.
CSS defines how to describe the HTML Tag.PHP has an important concept of MY SQL. My SQL is a open source technology.
How to check if the check if server is installed or not. it is Apache . http://localhost/
there are  3 tools in PHP:-
XAMPP, WAMpp and LAMPP.Generally, we make use for XAMPP for running websites in local server.

XAMPP is installed in c drive. if you want to change the setting of file of XAmpp it is done in php.ini. it is located in
Remember all the files of php should be saved.                           
For PHP settings we are using PHP.ini file available in PHP folder.
for server related settings we are using httpd.conf if available in apache.
How to check whether apache server is running or not.

features of PHP
1)PHP is open source technology.
2)PHP runs on any O/S
3)It is combination of C and pearl language
4)PHP can be run on any data base.
5)for fast development, In PHP, we are using CMS, Content Management system.


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